Video Production rates:  How much will it cost?

Video production rates are very flexible.  Most of our projects bill between $500 – $3000. This page is designed to give you a rough idea of what a good video will cost.


Video follows the project management triangle with a slight change.  Cost, quality, and complexity – pick your most important two.  If you need high quality and high complexity then it will be expensive.  If you need high quality and inexpensive then it will need to be simple etc. You can also go middle ground to avoid the extremes.

Here are the various options you have when making a video. 

  • How many hours of shooting will it take to complete the project?
  • Number of Cameras/Videographers.  Multiple cameras allow you to shoot something one time and have multiple angles to cut between.  This is important because your audience will be able to see a wide shot and then a close up. This creates a more complete picture of what is happening.  It also lets you edit out mistakes and refine the timing to greatly increase the quality of your video.  If your project is live this is the only option for having cuts.  If your project is staged and scripted you could shoot the scene multiple times with the same camera but that will increase your shoot time and edit time.   Sometimes one videographer can effectively run 2 cameras at once.  One camera must be a locked down wide shot while the videographer shoots with the other.  Remember, the more cameras you use, the more complex the video editing will be.
  • Multiple locations: How many locations you need to shoot at and how far apart they are.   Lights and sound need to be taken down and re-set up to shoot in different rooms.  Equipment moved, travel time, environment control etc.


  • Sound: Will we be capturing live sound or is it merely beauty shots set to music with voice over narration?  How many people will be talking in the same conversation?  Will they be moving and talking at the same time? (i.e. giving a tour of the factory)
  • Assistant: most shoots need an assistant and we have many great ones that we can hire.  If you can provide 1 or more assistants to take notes, hold reflectors, move equipment etc. then we don’t have to hire them and it saves you money.
  • Pre-production: Script writing, finding locations, creating sets and environments, finding extras or actors, wardrobe, and props all add complexity.  We have a lot of experience in all these areas and will do it right for you.   However, if you can do them yourself or eliminate the need for them it will keep your costs down.
  • Post-production: Often the most expensive part of a project but also the most important. Quality video needs excellent video editing, graphics, animation, sound editing, music composition/license, and distribution.  These factors are flexible and affect complexity. Additionally, you may have your own professional video editors and/or graphic designers and we are willing to work with them or give you the footage.   The turn-around speed also effects cost.


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