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Whether you are a motivational speaker, life coach, or corporate trainer, video is a great way to teach people the things they need to know. This video was one of a dozen made for Doug Sterbenz to promote his keynote speaking events


“I feel that you are doing more than making videos. You are trying to make me a successful speaker. Thank you.”
– Doug Sterbenz, [email protected]



A cooking show for  Members pay $10 a month to watch videos teaching how to make cultured food. Use training videos to teach your customers how to use your products or get the most from your service.  Create a web series to share your passion with the world.  Broadcast a thriving YouTube channel.  We can make it for you.


“I continue to use Sound and Shadow on a regular basis because of the way it’s helping my business to grow and flourish. Having videos for my business connects the people to who and what I have to offer. It was this personal touch that has made all the difference for me.”
 – Donna Schwenk, Owner [email protected]

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Training Videos

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Do you need to hire a videographer or a production company to film your project?  Contact us for a free price quote.  If you are not sure what you need then give us a call.  Jeremiah will meet with you and provide a free consultation.  We will go over your options and help you find the best solution for your video needs, even if you don’t end up hiring us.  We have 11 years experience in the video production industry and we are here to help you.   The size of your budget does not matter, we are happy to work with everyone.  The wonderful thing about video is there is a creative solution to every project.  We will help you find it!


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