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Pocket Cake develops mobile apps, virtual reality architecture interface, and mobile games. This promotional video was used on their Website, social media, and web listings. It show cased some of their projects and what their company was capable of doing.


“We’ve hired Jeremiah for two videos and been thoroughly impressed with his level of professionalism on both occasions. Jeremiah has an incredible knack for bringing concepts to life. His videos have not only bolstered our online profile but positively impacted our bottom line. Jeremiah’s services are a worthy addition to any advertising budget.”

– Hugh Welsh • Marketing Director at Pocket Cake



SRS Design hired us to create a video that showcased their beautiful showroom. Their customers needed to know they had a gallery of products to choose from as they designed the home.


“We really appreciate all that you did with the video!! It was such a great touch to the website and will be very useful in the future.”
– Shannan Slavens • Owner SRS Design



Radsource fixes, sells, and manages high end scanning equipment for major hospitals. Thy had 10 minutes to present to an orginization of HCAs and hospital managers. They used this video for their sales presentation and acquired several new clients.


This video was cut down from an audition for the ABC TV show Shark Tank; Click Here to View.  The client received two videos for the price of one. This type of video is great for social media, company websites, PR campaigns, and long form television commercials.  Use video to promote a product or service and increase sales!

”Sound and Shadow was great!! They did a fantastic job!”

 – Michael Munsterman, CEO  [email protected]


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Promote a product or service

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